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Welcome to Liters to Ounces, our category with posts explaining the conversions of a certain volume or capacity on liters to fluid ounces: US customary fluid ounces, Imperial fluid ounces and US food labeling fluid ounces to be exact. For every volume in liters you can find the result of the conversion in oz, along with useful information regarding the units and the formulas. What’s more, every entry contains a liters to fl oz converter which you may also use in case of UK fluid ounces and Canada fluid ounces. In addition, we always review the frequently asked questions in the context. But there is also a comment form for feedback and to raise a question. Directions for further information regarding liters to ounces can be found on every article as well. Last, but not least, every entry in this category explains the use of our search form to locate all conversions very quickly.