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Welcome to liters to oz, our website dedicated to the volume conversion of liters to fluid ounces.

If you have come here in search for litres to oz, then you are right here, too, but here we mainly use the American spelling liters.

The liter is an International System of Units (SI) accepted metric system unit defined as 1 cubic decimeter (dm3) and abbreviated correctly as l or L.

The fluid ounce is an US customary unit and imperial unit, which has had various definitions throughout history.

Yet, these days, only two remain still in common use: The United States customary fluid ounce and the British Imperial fluid ounce.

Liters to Oz Calculator


This Liters ⇄ Ounces Converter is Really Cool! Click To TweetBTW: The correct abbreviation for fluid ounce is oz. fl, fl oz and fl. oz, but in the context of liquids and capacity people often simply use oz.

Ounces in a Liter

For the conversion of liters to oz one has to differentiate:

Mainly between the US fluid ounce equal to 1/128 of a US liquid gallon, or 1/16 US fluid pint, and the imperial fluid ounce equivalent to 1/160 of an imperial gallon or 1/20 of an imperial pint.

The US food labeling fl oz is only used in the context of labeling nutrition.

Thus, ounces in a liter depends on the type of fluid ounce.

  • 1 L = 128/3.785411784 ~ 33.81 US customary fluid ounces
  • 1 L = 160/4.54609 ~ 35.20 Imperial fluid ounces = UK fluid oz = Canadian fluid oz
  • 1 L = 33 1/3 US food labeling fluid ounces

To convert liters to ounces we recommend using our converter above.

How to Convert Liters to Oz

To convert liters to oz using our converter insert the capacity or volume in liters using a decimal point.

After that select the fluid ounce unit and hit the convert button.

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Next you can find our liters to oz formulas.

Note that Canadian fluid ounces are the same as Imperial / UK fluid ounces.

To convert liters to ounces using a calculator apply these formulas substituting [L] with your particular amount of liters:

  • US customary fl. oz = [L] × 128/3.785411784
  • Imperial / UK / CA fl. oz = [L] × 160/4.54609
  • US food labeling fl. oz = [L] / 0.03

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Liters to Ounces

As you probably know, there are also units of mass known as ounces (usually the international avoirdupois ounce), not to be confused with the unit of volume fluid ounce.

However, on this site we strictly conduct volume to volume or capacity to capacity conversions.

In other words, on this page dedicated to liters to fl oz we change units of volumes, not mass.

With the clarification just given, you definitively do know what liter to oz, convert liter to ounces, and, for example, liter to fl oz stand for.

Frequent conversions in this category include:

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In conclusion, to change liters to oz you have to know your kind of ounces.

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